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The importance of Jumping in your Workouts

What better time of year than now to add a little more Spring to your steps… and therefore your workouts.

Tips to improve your running mechanics
The weather must know gyms are closed… because it has been GLORIOUS outside! I can’t recall a November when I’ve seen so many cyclists, hikers, and runners, runners, runners! Of...
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Creating Your New Fall Favourites
We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful warm, fall weather we’ve experienced late this week, BUT we haven’t forgotten that we woke up to snow on the ground on Monday. So,...
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Do cushioning shoes actually minimize impact?

Imagine you’re sparring in a ring. Bare hands. Try to feel or experience the power and energy as you thrust your fist forward. What does the impact feel like? How snappy is your recoil?

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It All Counts?
I’ve forever expressed this: It all counts. Every step, every breath, every rep. Don’t worry too much about what you’re doing; all movement, exercise, and physical activity is...
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There is no bad posture
“Stand straight… think tall… shoulders back… chin parallel to the floor… neutral spine…” Does that sound like a description of “good...
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Trick or Treat?
The human body loves treats. Craves treats. We’re hardwired for it. And the stimulation, satisfaction, and pleasure that hit gives us is reinforcing. Creates habits. (We have a special...
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Convictions loosely held
Convictions are powerful things. Where there is certainty and commitment there is forward momentum that ensures action and progress. In the same breath, the world is changing so rapidly. And...
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Just out of reach...
Oh how it tantalizes, teases, even frustrates: When something is just out of reach. Wouldn’t it feel so good – so empowering, such an accomplishment to be able to reach just that tiny...
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