From the moment you walk in the door until you leave, we have created a welcoming and comfortable community for you to enjoy. To ensure everyone has an optimal experience when they visit the Club, we ask our Members and their guests to observe a few key guidelines for Club etiquette and review our Code of Conduct.

Close-up of orange wall behind the reception desk at the Toronto Athletic Club with the Club's logo and a plant

Checking into the Club

Please remember to scan in each time you visit the Club. If you're bringing a guest, please have them check-in at the Front Desk at each visit.

Young fit man in the gym with his protein shake looking at his phone, headphones around his neck

Mobile Usage

We know that you aren't going to go far without your phone, but we ask that you refrain from taking calls while in all athletic areas of the Club.

Folded, white towels


We're happy to offer fresh towels to our Members, but please ensure that your used towels are placed in the towel bins throughout the Club when you are finished with them.

Middle aged fit man lifting a dumbbell in the Toronto Athletic Club in front of the CN Tower


To help keep the noise level manageable at the Club, and at our neighbours' request, please do not drop your weights while exercising in any of our fitness areas.

Man showering in a black tiled shower, head thrown back


To keep our spaces clean and hygenic, we remind everyone that you must shower before using the pool, steam room, and hot tub.

Fit woman on the rowing machine in the Strength Gym at the Toronto Athletic Club, overlooking the lake and city below

Wipe down equipment

We need your help to keep our equipment clean for all Members. Please wipe down the equipment after you're done using it. Sanitary wipes are available in all the Club's athletic areas.

Young fit woman sitting on the squash court at the Toronto Athletic Club, tying her shoes with racquet and balls beside her


For the safety of you and your fellow Members, we ask that you wear proper footwear while in all active areas of the Club.

Fit middle aged man wrapped in a towel, walking through the men's locker room at the Toronto Athletic Club

Locker Rooms

We know that Members love our locker rooms, which is why we ask for you to help us keep our locker rooms clean. Place your towels in the hampers, throw away your garbage, and keep your personal items in your locker.

Fit woman swimming the front crawl in the penthouse pool at the Toronto Athletic Club


Lane bookings are available at all times of the day. 45-minute bookings can be made through our app or desktop portal. Registration opens 26 hours prior to each individual timeslot.

Studio one at the Toronto Athletic Club, equipment well organized along the back wall (includes balancing balls, mats, steps, weights, and more)


When there aren't classes in our studios, feel free to use them! These are shared spaces for Members and staff. But, please don't touch the audio!

Man and woman - married couple - cozy up on the squash courts at the Toronto Athletic Club with their racquets, waters, and balls on the court in front of them

Have fun

Your time at the Club is meant to be fun! You, our Members, are part of the team that makes the Club Above so great, but we need your help to keep it that way and ensure we all have fun!

Code of Conduct

We hold our Members to a high standard because that's what we expect of ourselves. All Toronto Athletic Club Members are expected to adhere to the policies outlined in our Code of Conduct.

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