Pilates & Yoga

Find a new way to move your body.

Pilates takes you through unique movement patterns that challenge your coordination, body awareness, and control. It has the power to change your body and change your life. Our team of professional instructors will help you get there, strengthening and elongating your muscles to become long, lean, and lithe.

Member of Pilates team on reformer in Pilates Studio

Reformer Sculpting

Offering a total body workout that's designed to help you get stronger, become more toned, and lean-out; learn to tone your body with resistance.

Stephanie Schreiber, Director of Pilates & Yoga, on reformer in the Pilates Studio

Classical Pilates

This is Pilates in the truest, most authentic, form. It follows a set order of exercises on the mat and reformer focusing on: Centering, Concentration, Control, Precision, Flow, & Breath.

Pilates team at the Toronto Athletic Club

Pilates with Props

Add weight, add resistance, or force your other muscles to stabilize throughout your workout by transforming your Pilates session and adding props.

Member of our team in Pilates Studio at Toronto Athletic Club

Pilates Fusion

Combine basic mat Pilates with body sculpting and basic stretches for a low impact and high/low intensity workout that is fully adjustable for all fitness levels.

Mat Pilates

Designed to strengthen your core, this functional, accessible program takes exercises from within the Pilates Method and performs them on a mat.

What you need to know

heart Why it's good for me

Offering a full body workout, that also works wonders for the mind, the benefits of Pilates are far-reaching. From tightening and toning your whole body to stabilizing and lengthening your muscles, and increasing your overall strength, there are many reasons for you to integrate Pilates regularly into your schedule.

heartbeat Frequency

In his book, Return to Life Through Contrology [Pilates], Joseph Pilates suggests that we practice Pilates at least four times per week. His interpretation would be four full workouts (i.e. a complete classical mat routine or Pilates equipment class).

While that would be great, we understand that that may not be feasible for you. We suggest you try to complete two Pilates equipment classes each week, with additional balanced Pilates mat work on the other days.

goal Types of Pilates

Pilates, which is one of the most popular forms of exercise, is a workout that helps to tone and strengthen the body. But Pilates is not a singular form of movement, with a number of varieties being available:

  • Mat Pilates
  • Contemporary Pilates
  • Group Reformer Pilates
  • Classical Pilates
line-graph Getting Optimal Results

"In 10 sessions you will feel a difference. In 20, you will see a difference. And in 30, you will have a whole new body." - Joseph H. Pilates


Can I do Pilates if I'm not flexible?

Absolutely! We offer demo Pilates classes and one-on-one sessions that can help if you feel unsure or unstable when you first begin. You're also encouraged to only go as far as you can comfortably with each movement. As you practice more, you'll notice that your flexibility increases.

What types of Pilates do you offer at the Club?

We offer both mat and refomer Pilates. Please note that some methods are only offered through one-on-one sessions rather than classes. We encourage you to keep trying the different methods and classes until you find one or two that you love!

What should I bring to class/my session?

All we ask you to bring to our Pilates classes and sessions is hydration. You can fill up your water bottle at any of our water stations throughout the Club. We provide all equipment and towels that you will need.

How soon should I arrive before my class/session?

If you're new to the class or are having your first session, please arrive 5 minutes beforehand. This will give the instructor enough time to introduce themselves and get you familiar with their style/the class' style.

How do I sign-up for Pilates classes/sessions?

If you're already a Toronto Athletic Club Member, please contact Stephanie. If you're not a Club Member, we encourage you to book a tour with our Membership team at your earliest convenience by clicking here or calling the Club.

Meet our Pilates Team

Our team of professional instructors are some of the most experienced in all of Toronto. They bring their skill, knowledge, and energy to each class and session. They will teach, motivate, and challenge you every step of the way to ensure that you get the most out of each session. To learn which class, series, and session is best for you, contact Stephanie.


Director of Pilates & Yoga


Certified Pilates Instructor & Fascial Stretch Therapist


Fully Certified STOTT Pilates Instructor

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