Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail
Katelyn Sander
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Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

The Healthy View

Written by: Laurence Delasaux, Squash Director, Adelaide Club

Squash isn’t all about what happens on the court, what you do before and after a game is crucial and can make all the difference.

Good preparation before you play and doing the right things after you play can not only improve your overall performance but also play a key part in preventing injury.

The 4 pillars of preparation:
  • Nutrition - Playing on a full stomach is never good but you also don’t want to be running on empty – try and find the right balance by eating at least 2 hours before you play. I like to eat a smaller meal with some pasta, salad and  lean protein in the run up to a game.

  • Hydration – We all know the importance of staying hydrated for peak performance and overall health. Always have a bottle of water to hand and make sure you take breaks in-between games for important rehydration time.

  • Warm Up - Easily the most overlooked area for so many of the players I see! How many times have you started a match cold, only to be a game down before you know it and struggling to find a way back! Get your body warm and heart rate up by trying to replicate the movements you will make in a match. Short sprints (running from the office doesn’t count!) lunges, skipping and jogging on the spot are all simple, effective ways to hit the court warmed up and raring to go.

  • Warm Down – The last piece of the puzzle and not one to forget! A thorough stretch down will help take away those tight muscles and reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) It’s also an ideal time to reflect on your game and make some mental notes……. Now go and enjoy a cold beer at the bar and hit the hot tub….. you earned it!

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