Exercise as a Pillar
Katelyn Sander

Exercise as a Pillar

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Every blog piece stands alone. And many work together to thread together a more meaningful conversation. This particular journey started on September 14th when I committed to reviewing some theoretical and practical aspects of those pillars of great health we think are vital.

Yesterday, we began exploring Exercise. And while Exercise is often referred to as one of the main Pillars of Health and Wellness, I am suddenly struck by describing something that is completely dynamic and movement based as a pillar. As a pillar is certainly strong, yet it is wholly still; an immoveable brace with locked in stability I typically don’t associate with exercise. 

Imagine a dynamic pillar. The naked eye would experience the same stillness. But this dynamic pillar is adaptive, even stoic. Entities that are stoic can withstand hardship, pressure, and not bend or break. The refusal to move resulting in greater strength gains, increased endurance, more formidable resolve. 

There is much that exercise transforms on the outside. And these are powerful, important changes. But the deep intrinsic adaptations? Those can be truly life altering. I’m not simply referring to core strength – though this is vital for sure. I refer as well to other, deeper changes: Physiological, neurological, and emotional. Acknowledging, believing in, and aspiring to these sorts of changes are what – I believe – will really move you to move. 

So, on the outside – as promised – we will explore aerobic activity, anerobic activity, resistance training, and mobility. These are not separate parts of exercise. Every activity taps into aspects of all four. But understanding how to illicit specific changes using certain biases and combinations of different sorts of exercise or movement is important. And interesting. And understanding what some of those really deep changes can be, that’s powerful stuff!

Thursday? Anerobic activity.

Inspiration of the Day

“Being a caretaker is, and never will be, an easy job; in fact, it is that hardest job in the world and many times a thankless job. You have to be the pillar of strength even when you feel like you are crumbling to pieces inside.” – Jenna Morasca

Live Workout of the Day

Today we’ve got a couple of live workouts on the schedule.


Today, Lauren’s stepping in for Matt and bringing you your lunchtime pick-me-up! This workout will focus on the shoulder, hip, and ankle, moving you through a full range of motion. There will be additional stability work for the glutes and core included!

Recommended equipment: chair & towel

Join Lauren at 12:00pm (35 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the workout.

Meeting ID: 892 2779 8538
Password: 903005


Garth’s back with another week of On Core, where you’ll challenge your core and stabilize your trunk in just 30 minutes!

Recommended equipment: light/medium dumbbell or weighted object (water bottle, book, etc.)

Join Garth at 5:30pm (30 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the workout.

Meeting ID: 868 1155 7138
Password: 998132


Click here to review this week’s schedule.

If you have any questions about our virtual live workouts, please reach out to Lauren.

Trainer Moves of the Day

Join us today for a restorative yoga session with Susan, one of our incredible group ex instructors, and, bonus, a special appearance by one of our top-notch personal trainers Candice!

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