Welcome to a realm where fitness meets tailored excellence.

At the Toronto Athletic Club, we redefine wellness with personalized training, dynamic Pilates & yoga, invigorating aquatics, empowering boxing training, precise muscle activation technique, revitalizing fascial stretch therapy, golf performance optimization, and expert pre- and post-natal training.

Our diverse offerings cater to every fitness aspiration, ensuring a transformative journey guided by expert coaches. Dive into a community that celebrates your unique goals, crafting a holistic approach to wellbeing.

Your adventure - where every session is an opportunity to redefine your best self - awaits! 

Young male trainer meeting with young female client, looking at a clipboard during a training session

Personal Training

Our trainers create fully customized, unique training programs that focus on our Members and help them to achieve their personal goals.

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Young female boxer working with a male trainer


Boxing is a total body workout that stimulates your muscles, allows you to lose weight, and gives you a leaner and fitter physique. 

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Young male with a swimming cap on, looking at his watch while he holds the edge of the pool


Swimming offers a low-impact workout that builds endurance, muscle strength, and fitness, while improving coordination, balance, and posture.

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Young woman doing a Pilates workout on a reformer

Pilates & Yoga

Explore new ways to move your body. Learn how to challenge yourself, while strengthening your body, mind, and soul.

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Young woman laying on her back on a studio floor, stretching her leg and hips

Muscle Activation Technique

Designed to improve muscle function, reduce the risk of injury, and speed up the body's ability to recover.

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New, young mom doing a bridge with her baby sitting on her pelvis

Pre- & Post-Natal

Don't choose between putting yourself or your baby first. Meet with our experts to explore the benefits of exercise during your pregnancy.

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Close-up of golf ball on a putting green, man putting in the background

Golf Performance

A stronger body, more accurate swing, and improved mental focus, all help to eliminate the imbalances limiting your golf performance.

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Close-up of female trainer doing fascial stretch therapy stretching with a female client

Fascial Stretch Therapy

FST targets and releases tension in the connective tissues for enhanced flexibility and improved mobility.

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Great trainers!

"Great trainers. Equipment and facilities are upgraded frequently and there is a good mix of age and gender on the gym floor. Also, great to have options for Pilates, Yoga, and all the services at the Sport Medicine Clinic."