Let's Burn Rubber!

Well…let’s burn (your muscles with) rubber. Rubber bands that is.

Just Breathe
You have an extra day to the weekend. Hopefully this is giving you the time and space to slow down a little, relax a little more, take in all the little things in your life that make you smile. Be...
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Your Long Weekend Must Haves...
Wait…tomorrow is August? The long weekend is already here? Where has the first part of this summer gone? It may have snuck up on us, but we’re not letting the long weekend pass us by...
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Weight while you wait...?!
A few Canadians have gained a pound or two waiting for our lives to regain some sense of normal-ish. If you’re an Adelaide Club Member you likely remember that one of our Trainers –...
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Virtually Awesome
It’s taken people by surprise: Virtual Personal Training is AWESOME. Is it the same as being trained in the Club? Of course not. But our Members are trying it. Our trainers are nailing...
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Your psoas is so…strong?!!
Last Monday, we started discussing the importance of your psoas muscle, the challenges associated with a tight psoas, and reviewed a few ways to improve its mobility. Today, I want to continue...
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Bending a crisis to your will.
Tough times bring out the worst and the best in us. I’m not a doctor, therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. I am a human being. And for the 30 years I have studied and practiced the...
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Stress and Exercise

How’s your stress level these days? Exercise makes people feel better. Among other things it experientially and physiologically lowers our stress levels.

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Actions and Words
Over the past eight weeks, the Black Lives Matters movement has transformed the world, including Canada. We know that when we stand together, remain brave, compassionate, and open minded, amazing...
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