Brain Power
We are only as powerful as our brains allow us to be. And so, now is the perfect time to engage our brains, our nervous systems, so we can develop the most awesome strength platform our bodies...
Bring What You Have.
We’ve just come off a weird long weekend, and have to cram 5 days worth of work into 4 bizarre, unconventional days. Who better to look to for guidance and inspiration than the unusually...
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Crowns and Coronas
We know that an ability to live in the present is associated with greater levels of happiness and sense of fulfillment. We also know that people who perceive that have a greater sense of control...
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The Long Weekend
This means an extra day of weekend people. I know. The days are all running into one another. But I said this last weekend and I will say it again: Make. Your. Weekend. A. Weekend. Completely...
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The Destination or the Journey?
Goals are often a specific, objective end point. They are all about measurement: Attainment of an ultimate outcome, level of success, or mastery. A process on the other hand is the...
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Taking Risks
It takes courage to try something when you are uncertain of the outcome. If you put your head down and commit your best effort, you will grow, learn, and become more resilient and confident. All...
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Intrinsic Motivation
You know what I’d like you to do today: something exercise or activity based that just feels good. We are intrinsically motivated to do something because the work or process...
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The Cook and the Baker

Ah… to cook or to bake? That is the question. I quite enjoy both. Though they are quite different, and I do in the end prefer one over the other.

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Okay. It’s Monday. So, let’s keep things simple and definitive: Yes, measurement matters. I’ve been talking about how meaningful measurement is in my Exercise Fundamental pieces:...
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