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Sweatworking is the new networking at these iconic Toronto clubs

The Cambridge Group makes its mark with high-quality fitness paired with rich social experiences.

Performance Enhancement Specialization: The Cambridge Club's New Training Program
Are you looking to improve your strength, power, speed, agility, and quickness? At the Cambridge Club, Sharlton, a Performance Enhancement Specialist, has created a new program based on the...
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Learning the Power of Community with Nat & Tina
A new year means new ads in the PATH around the Adelaide Club. If you've recently gone underground to travel to and from the Club, we're guessing you've seen our new marketing pieces...
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5 Minutes with Meg: Valentine's Day Edition
I've been thinking a lot about...Valentine's Day. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I find myself, similar to last year, thinking a lot about the heart. And again, like last...
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Supporting Immune Health - Cold & Flu Prevention
Cold and flu season is upon us; during this time of year, we are exposed to more germs as we huddle indoors to escape the cold. The immune system is also challenged by lower temperatures, lack of...
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Bell Let's Talk Day: One Trainer's Personal Experience
This past year, Dan Milewski - a trainer at the Adelaide Club - shared with us a profoundly powerful and heart wrenching story about the loss of his father. Dan was willing to let us share the...
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Second Stop on Your Tour through the Adelaide Club's Toronto Collection
Last year, we took you on your first tour of the Adelaide Club's Toronto Photography Collection, and now we're back for round 2! We've curated so many phenomenal photos, pieces of art,...
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Become the Cambridge Club's Fittest Member of the Year
Members of the Cambridge Club get ready! It’s time to step up your fitness and join the Club’s first ever Fittest Member of the Year Competition – a great way to challenge your...
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The Spice of Life: Your Guide to What's Happening in the Club Restaurants
2019 was an incredible year for the Cambridge Group of Clubs, especially when you look at our three phenomenal restaurants: the HUB Kitchen & Bar, the Oak Room, and Stratus Restaurant. So...
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