There is no bad posture
Katelyn Sander

There is no bad posture

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“Stand straight… think tall… shoulders back… chin parallel to the floor… neutral spine…”

Does that sound like a description of “good posture?” If so, then does anything that veers away from that proud-plumbline-perfect become imperfect? With greater degrees of “badness” creeping up the further you stray from centre?

I’m not sure it’s so simple.

Posture is simply the position you’re holding yourself. It will and can vary depending on your circumstances, with physical props being only one part of what can impact it. Excitement, pain, apprehension, terror…  emotions can alter your posture dramatically. And, of course, load: Where, how, and to what degree your body is loaded – a fierce headwind, or a massive weight on your shoulders - will of course affect your posture. 

Close your eyes. Picture a human body with “perfect posture”. Got the image? Good.

Now, let’s imagine you have this “perfect posture” and your lifestyle is such that you are able to spend every waking hour, sitting, standing, walking, exercising with this posture maintained. 

Now let’s imagine the day when someone throws a massive ball towards your abdomen and you have to flex your spine, reach your shoulders forward, and tilt your pelvis under in order to absorb the impact of the ball. Having never visited any of those ranges and positions, so having no strength or structural integrity in that rounded posture, your body would essentially break. Required to suddenly flex and extend and the result would be the same.

It is true as trainers we are often – okay, constantly – cuing space between the vertebrae, retraction, and depression of the shoulder blades, and “open” throat”, pelvis in a neutral position… But in truth, that’s not so much about trying to encourage “better posture” as it is about recognizing your body needs an alternative posture. That so many adopt a limited number of similar postures throughout the day: They flex their necks and elevate their shoulders to check and write text messages. Protract their shoulders while they type, and tip their pelvises while they sit, and the position gets more extreme the longer they sit… 

The truth is we need to be strong and stable in these postures. But if you don’t spend an equal amount of time using and strengthening the other extremes, AND all the (likely more balanced) positions in between, that’s when a posture becomes “bad”. When it’s the only one you’ve got.

Inspiration of the Day

“The only time it’s bad posture is when you don’t have another option.” - Beth Lewis

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