Superior Smoothie Options are Closer than you Think...
Katelyn Sander

Superior Smoothie Options are Closer than you Think...

At the beginning of February, the Adelaide Club launched their brand-new smoothie menu. Featuring 5 nutrient dense smoothies that make it convenient for Members to maximize their workout efforts, the HUB’s new menu was designed to fuel happy and healthy Club Members. By elevating the smoothie menu, the HUB now supports the nutritional demands of the Adelaide Club’s Members, enriching their experience at the Club.

The mastermind behind the HUB’s new menu is none other than Keren Chen, the head coach for the Adelaide Club’s Strength Lab program. Having a professional background in nutrition. Keren approached the management team with a proposal for a revamped smoothie program and, as the Club’s General Manager Matt Cassells says, “we thought it was terrific.”

After a very successful launch, we thought it was time to sit down with Keren and have her answer a few questions about the new menu.

What was your objective when devising these new smoothies?

The overall goal in designing the new menu was to create smoothies that are balanced in the macronutrients – fat, carbs, and protein – as well as the micronutrients – vitamins and minerals. I also wanted the smoothies to be flavourful while only featuring minimally processed ingredients. And, of course, we needed smoothies that would complement the busy and active lives of our Members. We needed options that would satisfy every scenario:

  • The morning “I have a meeting in 15 minutes and don’t have time to get breakfast”
  • The midday pick me up “because it’s been a long week and it’s only Tuesday”
  • The post workout “mass gainer”
  • The morning after “having too much fun at Happy Hour last night”
  • The pre-workout “energy boost”
  • The “I got a promotion” treat

And I think we’ve been able to accomplish all of these feats with the new menu.

Each new smoothie includes dates in the ingredient list, why is that?

Dates are an incredibly nutrient-dense food and they add a nice touch of sweetness that ties all the ingredients in our smoothies together. They are a rich source of micronutrients including, but not limited to:

  • Potassium: an electrolyte that needs to be replenished after sweaty sessions
  • Copper: helps form red blood cells and absorb iron, which is very important for recovery from workouts and cardiovascular health
  • Vitamin B6: helps with brain function and makes important hormones like serotonin and norepinephrine
  • Manganese: helps form lean tissues, bones, and hormones; also helps to metabolize carbs and fats and helps regulate blood sugar

By only using 1 date in each smoothie, we keep the sugar content lower than the previous menu, while still taking full advantage of the date’s fibre which is great for digestion and blood sugar regulation. Additionally, dates create a more voluminous, full consistency in our smoothies – making them more filling and satiating.

Now let’s dig into each smoothie a bit more. Can you explain the health benefits of each?

Adelaide 2.0

This smoothie is an upgrade on the original Adelaide Shake. We replaced the peanut butter in the original with almond butter that we make in-house at the HUB, allowing us to avoid the added sugar, salt, and cheap processed oils often found in store bought nut butters. Almonds are a great source of healthy fatty acids, which are key to helping you absorb fat-soluble vitamins and form important fat-derived hormones, and leaving you with energy for hours. The added kick of cinnamon is a nice punch of flavour, but cinnamon is also amazing for blood sugar regulation!

Antioxidant Punch

The name says it all about this one! The antioxidants and vitamins in the berries and orange juice are great for the immune system and reducing cellular oxidation, which can lead to aging and awful things like cancer. And because we use fresh berries in our smoothies, you also get the benefits of the fibre in the berry seeds. Fibre is important for our digestion while also lowering the glycemic index of the smoothie so it fills you up for longer.

Energizer Bunny

The Energizer Bunny is a perfect coffee alternative in the morning, afternoon, and pre-workout. It has caffeine from the coffee, but that caffeine is tempered with fibre and macronutrients, so it is absorbed in a more controlled manner than if you were to drink coffee on its own. Instead of feeling jittery and crashing, the energy boost from this smoothie is less extreme.

Lean Green Machine

This is our take on the green smoothie. It’s bright and cheerful, but most importantly has some spinach, lemon juice, and ginger to help you detox. For that reason, this one is great for hangovers! It’s the best smoothie for supporting your liver and anti-inflammatory pathways.

MCT Magic

MCT stands for Medium Chain Triglycerides, which are a type of fat that has gotten a lot of media attention lately. MCTs are naturally found in coconut products, so we use an unsweetened shredded coconut in this smoothie. While supporting brain function, this smoothie is also a sustained and long-burning source of energy. The MCT Magic is keto-friendly and a great mass gainer for those who want to get more calories in – because it contains good fats and protein!

If you have any questions about our new smoothie menu or want to learn more about the individual smoothies, our process in designing the recipes, or the health benefits of the 5 smoothies, please contact Keren.


Keren Chen, Head Coach of Strength Lab, Adelaide Club

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