Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine
Katelyn Sander

Spring Clean Your Fitness Routine

Spring is finally here! After a long, cold winter, it’s pretty exciting to get outside again and experience new life. The birds are singing, the sun is warm, and the trees are starting to bud! During the winter months, a lot of us tend to hibernate, which leads to a lack of motivation around our wellness routine - that may mean we eat more calories, partake in fewer workouts, or spend more time with the TV and Netflix. Whatever your hibernation looked like, now is the time to brush off the cobwebs and do some spring cleaning of your routine.

As the season of rebirth, spring is the best time of year to try new things, upgrade your routine, and, of course, get back outside! Spending more time outdoors is my personal favourite part of welcoming spring, but it’s not always easy to figure out how to incorporate the outside world into my regular routine.

So, I thought I’d share a few of the simple ways that I take my routine outside and reap the benefits from spending time in the fresh air:

  • Plan to walk with a friend a few nights a week or in the mornings. By making these plans with a friend, you keep each other accountable and help each other work towards reaching your fitness goals. PLUS, it’s a great way for you to catch up!
  • Have a walking meeting. We all know how much time we spend in meetings each week. Can you imagine how much better we’d feel if we spent that time getting active? Walking meetings, which are becoming more popular, have been shown to increase energy and productivity, which is great for you, your colleagues, and your business.
  • Sign up for an outdoor bootcamp. By signing up you’re committing to participating in the bootcamp, which helps to keep you accountable.
  • Register for a run. Commit to completing a 5K, 10K, half marathon, marathon…whatever fits you and your lifestyle. This will give you a goal to work towards, which will encourage you to get moving (and keep at it!). As a bonus, you can even justify buying some new workout gear and accessories to get you feeling the part.
  • Just be in nature. Grab a book and find a nice spot to relax and read. Enjoy the fresh air while taking a break from life’s biggest stresses.
  • Join a hiking group. Not only will you spend more time in nature, but you’ll likely discover new trails, sights, and views that you haven’t explored before. And from this group, you may even find a few friends that you can meet up with regularly to keep hiking and enjoying nature.
  • Get back on your bike. Cycling is excellent cardiovascular exercise; plus, it offers you an opportunity to really explore your community; cycle to different neighbourhoods, parks, bike paths, and trails.

Before I go, here are a few more notes that you should consider this season:

  • Just 15 minutes of sun exposure (without sunscreen), will top up your depleted stores of Vitamin D. Thanks to the long Canadian winter, many of us enter spring with depleted Vitamin D levels. Vitamin D is important for heart health, bone density, and your immunity, and, so it’s important for you to top up! But, keep in mind that Vitamin D is only absorbed when you aren’t wearing sunscreen, so you need to spend this time outside during non-peak times.
  • Take a digital detox and practice more mindfulness. Set aside 30 minutes each day for you to just be present without distraction; this will help to reduce your stress and increase your focus. This is a practice you should be doing all year long, but since spring is the time of year for rebirth, why not begin the practice now?
  • Sleep! We need 7-9 hours of sleep each night. This is the case all year round, but, for me, I find spring to be a difficult time of year to actually get all the sleep my body needs. So, now is the time of year I try to be mindful about my sleep and do my best to get those 7-9 hours each and every night. Plus, if you’re struggling with dropping a few extra pounds, a lack of quality sleep could be the culprit.

Now that I’ve shared a few fun ideas of how to get fit outside and take advantage of the beautiful spring weather, why not make a killer new playlist and hit the ground running? I know that’s where you’ll find me, so, who’s with me?


Dena Ryde, Personal Trainer & Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Adelaide Club


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