Simple Saturdays
Katelyn Sander

Simple Saturdays

"Soup of the Day"...just got Serious!

There’s a good reason mindfulness is getting so much press these days. Whether through mediation, encouraging the mind and body to slow down at various points in the day, or ensuring there are moments when we are fully present, being more mindful seems to encourage better relationships – with others, with our self, with food, a more peaceful existence, and a more fulfilling life. The word fulfilling is an interesting one: It uses both FULL and FILLING, making me imagine a life JAM PACKED with good stuff...

Yet, for me, mindfulness and simplicity go hand in hand. To be mindful, is to be present and to notice, taste, feel, appreciate the smaller, simpler things. I do think these moments lead to a more enjoyable afternoon, a more centered person, a more fulfilling life. But I think it ends up being not so jam packed. I think as we focus on the smaller, simpler things, we are able to let go of some of the larger, complicated, weighty things. It’s “Lightfulling”!

Inspiration of the Day

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials." - Lin Yutang

Workout of the Day

Simple Staple Workout

I love this workout. A single run through wakes everything up, is sometimes all I can fit in, and when I have more time, these exercises make the perfect workup for a more intense run, bike ride, or heavy lifting workout. Run through the whole thing 3 times for a more comprehensive full body session.

The cool thing about this workout is the better you get at it, the harder you can make it. The simplicity of the movements free up your brain so you can really focus on how the body’s more natural strength patterns will often try to override or hijack the integrity of the movement. Really focus on keeping braced, and still…. Keep your spine neutral, with your shoulders retracted and depressed, and your pelvis neutral (aka “vertical” in relation to a standing position)… you’ll notice as you move how the body tries to inch your shoulders forward and up towards your ears… how your low back tried to arch… how your glute muscles try to run and hide. Keep focused on what you WANT to be firing. With practice you’ll be amazed at how strong your “key” areas become and how good that feels.

Hip Bridge

Watch exercise video here.

  • Engage pelvic floor muscles, slight pelvic tilt. 
  • Press heels and elbows and back of your head into the mat. 
  • Raise hips up using your glutes as high as you can without engaging low back muscles. 
  • Extend the knees outwards slightly to encourage glute activation

Dead Bug with Isometric Resistance

Watch exercise video here.

  • Retract and depress shoulders, press head down. 
  • Raise one leg to table top then the other. 
  • Place both hands on one knee.  
  • Wide collar bone.  Knit ribs. 
  • Check low back so pelvis is "vertical" and lower abs engaged. 
  • Drop the opposite leg away from you and then bring it back to table top USING LOWER ABS

Quadruped Hover

Watch exercise video here.

  • On all fours. 
  • Retract and depress shoulders, straight arms, neutral spine. 
  • Engage abs, knit ribs, engage pelvic floor.  Take care to keep the knees shoulder width apart.  Engage through shoulders, rib cage and lats, BRACE as hard as you can for each breath

Band Pull Aparts

Watch exercise video here.

  • Standing or kneeling. 
  • Hands/arms wide and slightly below the shoulders. 
  • Again, position the pelvis "vertically" so your bum and abs are engaged. 
  • Initiate the movement with your shoulders. 
  • Pull band "apart" Hold for 3-5 secs.

Front Plank

Watch exercise video here.

“Marching” Hip Bridge

Watch exercise video here.

  • As with the Hip Bridge above
  • Keep glute engaged and pelvis still as you extend one leg at a time
  • Gently press the back of your head and shoulder blades into the mat
  • Tip:  As you extend the right leg (for example), ensure the right hip bone stays high be engaging the abs on that side, and focus on keeping the left glute strong. 

Contralateral Dead Bug

Watch exercise video here.

  • Keeping the core stable and spine neutral, reach the opposite arm away from the leg that is reaching toward the floor.
  • Imagine you are engaging the abs on a “diagonal” or “rib-to-hip” as you bring the limbs back to center.

Seated Row

Watch exercise video here.

  • For your home workout version, secure a band and perform this seated on a chair, standing or on the floor with your feet extended out in front of you.
  • The important piece of this is initiating the movement EVERY time with your shoulder blades.
  • Slide them down and back before your elbows start to bend.
  • At the end of the movement hold and think “down and back, down and back…”
  • Avoid leaning back to keep that pelvis neutral and abs engaged

For any questions about this workout you can connect with Meg here.

Live Sport of the Day

Yes! Live sports is back!!!

For the past month, former world #1 Jonathon Power and current world #6 Diego Elias (2019 Canada Cup Champion) have been self-isolating together here in Toronto. They’re fortunate enough to have a squash court in the house where they are staying, and naturally being two highly competitive individuals in close quarters, they’ve had enough and organized a series of challenge matches starting this Saturday at noon which will be live streamed!

Watch the matches here.

Bite of the Day

The notion of “simple food” for me always makes me think of Mac n Cheese. This one is delicious… a little lighter, healthier, and some vegan options too!

Check out this delicious Cauliflower Mac & Cheese recipe here.


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