May is Physiotherapy Month
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May is Physiotherapy Month

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Written by: Phil Edwards, Physiotherapist, Adelaide Clinic

May is Physiotherapy Month.

First, I would like to squash the nasty rumor that sport was invented by physiotherapists to generate more income. Although that seemed to work out quite well.

Furthermore, I want to confirm Physiotherapy Month is really about supporting your physio. So, to that end, we encourage you all to vigorously take part in as many different and demanding sports as possible.

Maybe try something you always wanted to, like Driving in a Demolition Derby, Rodeo Bull Riding, or Alligator Wrestling. You don't want to bore your physiotherapist with a simple sprained ankle, tennis elbow, or runners’ knee, so go for it.

Remember, you can just skip the warm-up, take no rest days, and just keep trying to do more each workout without proper instruction; you're no wuss right?

Subsequently, when you have to come to see us we can:

  • Pre-screen your body to see if it is up to the activity you want to do
  • Develop a Prehab plan
  • Treat your injuries and ailments
  • Go over the importance of warm-up (general and specific)
  • Review appropriate workout scheduling
  • Emphasize the advantage of having correct instruction

OR keep doing what you’re doing and miss out on the excellent resources right here.

Be smart.

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