It's Been a Week...
Katelyn Sander

It's Been a Week...

"Soup of the Day"...just got Serious!

We've just completed week one of this Series. And I so hope some of you are finding the content helpful and inspiring. For me, I am loving creating and collating these posts. I REALLY miss coming into the Clubs and am so missing the opportunity to physically connect with all of you. This is helping me feel like we can still make at least a small positive difference in a few lives. So, I'm extremely grateful for this space.

All of today's content has been contributed by our amazing Personal Trainers.

Motivation of the Day

"Stop downgrading your dreams and start upgrading your mindset! If people aren't laughing at your dreams, you're not dreaming big enough." - Penny Phang, Personal Trainer, Adelaide Club

Workout of the Day

Blair Larsen - a trainer at the Adelaide Club - is unbelievably fit. He's also one of the smartest and most well-rounded fitness professionals I've ever met. He fully embraces the importance of a great workout that is quick and easy to do. And uses solid scientific principles to ensure these workouts get results.

Blair acknowledges that there are SO many factors to consider when training. But today he wants to share his top 3 secrets to keep things simple and really effective.

  1. Intensity: PUSH yourself.
  2. Variability: Adapt to suit your fitness and energy level.
  3. Execution: Great form is KEY!


Most people miss the mark in this aspect of training but it can make the world of difference. There is a preconceived notion that 3 sets of 10 reps is the golden rule and the effort needed to improve muscle tone, size, strength, really any and all types of muscle gain. But what that arbitrary standard is too much for John Big and not enough for Mrs. Universe? Maybe John just wants to feel awake and mobile, whereas Mrs. Universe needs that pump so she doesn't lose the gains she's made so far.

Let's consider intensity on a continuum that varies for each individual: For any of us, if the effort seems too "light" then it's likely we're just going through the motions. There won't typically be nearly enough stimulus then to create any positive stimulation or change. If the effort feels "moderate" then it could help us wake the body up, is likely the kind of workout we could do almost daily, and maintain our current gains. If you push to your maximal ability (to "failure" or high levels of fatigue), then you're on the road to making some serious gains. Remember the recovery in this case is as important as the workout itself. So, rest or engage in "active recovery" the next day.

Can you do this in your own home? Absolutely. (You KNOW Blair and his girls are!).

Are you up for Blair's challenge? Here it is: Pick your exercise - push-ups, squats, plank, calf raises... It really can be any exercises that you can perform with great form.

Now choose your variation: Push-ups from knees, toes, feet elevated, clapping push-ups, one arm... You see where I am going here. Let's choose push-ups for this example.

Next, do a few reps (2 - 5) to warm up those muscles and joints and shake it out.

WAKE UP Intensity:

So, you have been working for an hour in your home office and are getting tired and sore. It's a perfect time to stop and take a little "wake up" break. You chose a manageable number of reps for you (2, 6, 10, 15,...), that is not to failure, but you can definitely complete with some effort. You will feel like you've accomplished something.


It's Game Time: Set your mind to it that you are going to push through that uncomfortable burning feeling to the point that you can't do another rep. Then ask yourself - after this breath: "Can I do another?" Then go for it until, literally, you get stuck. That is past fatigue and right into failure. Great job!! You are well on your way to progression towards your goals.

Now ask yourself, can you do another set like that? With a different exercise? Then do it!


(depending on the number of sets you choose to do, this could take 10 minutes or longer)

  1. Push-Ups
  2. Body Weight Squats (to a low chair)
  3. Side Plank
  4. Heel (Calf) Raises
  5. Hip Lifts

Let us know how it goes! What series of exercises did YOU choose for your workout?

TWO Bites of the Day:

Bite ONE comes with a few sides of sage advice:

Lori Kirwan - a trainer and instructor at the Adelaide Club & TAC - reminds us all that this is a GREAT opportunity to really tune up our nutrition!

This note is directly from Lori:

Hopefully now you have time to cook if you're working from home. Get rid of any crappy food in your cupboards and fridge so you won't be tempted. Throw it away!!!

Here is my favourite soup recipe.

Roasted Onion and Pepper Soup

Roast onions and peppers with olive oil and pepper in the oven.

Turn on the slow pot and add vegetable broth and tomato sauce. Check ingredients - try for no sugar or weird ingredients.

Add the roasted vegetables to the pot and add chili powder and cayenne pepper. Make sure you remove all the pepper seeds.

Cook for a few hours on low.

Blend and eat!!

If any of you need help with this, let me know. Click here to connect directly with Lori.

Bite TWO comes from Peter Sheldrick

Enjoy a quick, delicious Moroccan inspired dish tonight! This Lamb Chops with Smoky Aubergine Salad recipe pairs perfectly with a bottle of red!!

Check out this spectacular recipe here.


Do you have a "Something of the Day" you'd like us to share? Email Meg.

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