Have a pain-free summer!
Katelyn Sander

Have a pain-free summer!

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Don’t let pain hold you back this summer. Whether you need one of our therapists to help alleviate pain caused by trauma, overuse, or other factors, or are just looking for tools you can use at home to rehab your injuries and improve your athletic performance, our Clinics have something for everyone. Make this your best summer yet!

SMC’s Return to the TD Tower

We are excited to announce that the Sport Medicine Clinic will be returning to our own Clinic in the TD Tower on Tuesday, September 7th! We can’t wait to see and treat you all there!

But, in the meantime, for the rest of the summer, come and visit us at the Adelaide Health Clinic in First Canadian Place. Our therapists are here and ready to treat you!

Myofascial Shockwave Therapy for Orthopedic Complaints

Myofascial Therapy is a manual and/or equipment supported treatment based on the Fascial Distortion Model (FDM) in our Clinic practice. The FDM, intends to regenerate the tissue and to re-orientate its form and structure. Based upon our analysis of the fascial tissue for imbalance, scarring, adhesions, or trigger points, we have found our Storz Radial Shockwave machine to be very effective in eliminating the dysfunction. 

After the introduction of Radial Shockwave Therapy to our practice in 2007, the focus has become increasingly on a holistic diagnosis and therapeutic approach. In order to continue on this path many of our therapists have completed training as an FDM Fascia Therapist. This has allowed for a standardized therapeutic approach with the use of Shockwave in our daily practice.

(Storz Medical AG, Shockwave Canada)

The basis of a successful Myofascial treatment is, in addition to the mechanical removal of the fascial restriction, the elimination of trigger points. These are small, tense areas of skeletal muscles caused by misuse, trauma, overuse, and other factors. Direct pressure can spontaneously trigger a so-called referral pain. In our Clinic, we find that trigger points are frequently the cause of acute or chronic pain which can be effectively treated with Radial Shockwave Therapy. 

It is very important to locate the precise location, mark it, and then treat the areas. 

Radial Shockwave is available by appointment at the Adelaide Health Clinic. 


Chris Broadhurst

Clinic Director
   Sport Medicine Clinic & Adelaide Health Clinic
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Mobility Devices for Sale

For those looking for mobility devices to help them through the summer, we’ve got some great ones on sale right now!

The Grid Roller has a pattern of bumps to provide a non-slip traction surface, and penetrates into the soft tissue, enhancing mobilization.

The Lacrosse Ball is great for breaking up muscle knots and hard-to-reach trigger points. You can also make your own peanut. “The Peanut” is basically two lacrosse balls taped together to make a shape that looks like a peanut.

Reach out for more information about these mobility devices.

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