Embrace the New Year with Resolve
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Embrace the New Year with Resolve

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By: Meg Sharp, Director of Personal Training, Cambridge Group of Clubs

Resolve. Verb. To decide firmly on a course of action. To find a solution. 

That’s what great resolutions require: Action and Solutions. Goals and Strategies.

What do you want to change? What is your Goal? As important, WHY? What powerful difference will it make in your life and the lives of others? I want you to think of as many reasons as possible. 

Fact: Resolutions are more likely to stick if you embrace multiple reasons to push through the discomfort, stay the course when you are tempted to sway, and persevere on the days when it doesn’t feel good or seem to be working.

What are your strategies? Be as specific and detailed as possible. What needs to happen on a daily basis to support the change? What planning can you do each week? What can you do to make this fun or rewarding once in a while? Or, better yet, often! Who do you need to rely on for support, accountability, or technical advice?

Fact: Until a new behaviour becomes a habit, people who have support are far more likely to stick to the new resolution and ultimately make the change permanent.

Fun fact: The number one predictor of adherence to a new exercise routine is having personal training support. Why? Accountability, FUN, technical support, and RESULTS.

Is the change you’ve resolved or the goal you want to reach realistic?

This one is tricky. LOFTY goals are powerful because they are exciting. They fill you with HOPE. (Remember the power of hope? It’s the stuff of survivors and champions!). AND lofty goals are harder to reach. They take more planning, effort, support, and time. Because of all this, you are at greater risk of being derailed and having to get back up again. You will need more resolve, flexibility, and patience.

Moderate goals are far easier to tackle. Rather than invent a completely new habit you can often nudge yourself in the right direction a day or a week at a time. As long as the goal matters enough, is valuable enough to you, it will be easier to stick the course and ultimately embrace a more healthful, fulfilling habit.

Any new goal creates an initial surge of excitement, motivation, and energy. The challenge for most of us is making this positive energy last. The change has to maintain a certain priority. Or we stop supporting goal attainment with our precious resources (time, energy, sweat, money, effort…). 

Are your strategies the right ones?

This piece is vital. Often, it’s not the lofty goal that’s the issue. It’s that the lofty goal was set without really understanding or fully committing to the different changes that need to be put into place. In our industry we see this far too often. Someone sets a really amazing goal, but when they fail to see results within the first few weeks, they grow frustrated, despondent, and, ultimately, give up. It can become a nasty circle. And often people blame themselves. Which just isn’t right. Or terribly productive. 

Goals including better mobility, faster 10K times, increased muscle, decreased body fat, improved power and strength… These are wonderful, admirable goals. And getting these kinds of results is not typically that simple.

They require time. Commitment of precious minutes often daily. This typically means “stealing” time from something – or someone else.

They require knowledge. You need to know how and when to apply specific exercises with variables including but not limited to type, time, intensity, duration, and frequency of the different activities. They often require specific dietary changes that will vary depending on the goal and then also depending on each individual.

They require effort, energy, and are periodically accompanied by discomfort. Cravings, fatigue, muscle soreness, nasty 5am alarms…

They require patience. Change doesn’t happen overnight. And the discomfort can outweigh the benefits. Especially at the beginning.

They require support. Emotional support to keep going. Technical support so you know you’re on the right track and understand if and when you have to change strategies. Family support so you have time for yourself. For meal prep, for your workouts, to recover.

They require hope. Hang on to the dream of a stronger, more fulfilled you. Notice and celebrate the smaller positive changes as they appear. Maybe it’s not weight loss during the first 3 weeks, but you are sleeping better. That’s a huge win. Maybe there are no strength increases during the first 4 weeks, but you have less back pain. That’s a huge win too. The small wins reinforce new habits. The little successes keep the hope alive.

Whatever you take on, embrace it and yourself. You matter. And therefore, so does the change. The goal. Make it and therefore yourself a priority. Stay the course. You will be successful if you have the right support and refuse to give up.

And please let us know what we can do to help!

Today’s Inspiration

“Your success and happiness lies in you. Resolve to keep happy, and your joy and you shall form an invincible host against difficulties.” – Helen Keller

Virtual Class Library

With our instructors taking today off, we don’t have any live workouts on the schedule. So, we wanted to take this perfect opportunity to remind you that our virtual class library is available to you always. It’s full of previously held live workouts, so you can revisit your favourites or run through a workout on the days when our live workouts just don’t fit into your schedule.

Click here to access our virtual class library.

Don’t forget! Lori’s back tomorrow morning with her ever popular, high energy TNT live workout. Let’s start 2020 off right!! We’ll see you there!

Today’s Trainer Moves

It’s the first day of 2021 and that makes it the perfect time to get started on your resolutions. Okay…so you’re busy today. The kids are home. The house needs tidying. There are friends and family to Zoom. We get it. But don’t let that get in your way.

We’re sharing another one of Meg’s sub-10 minute workouts from this summer. These are the perfect videos to revisit when you’re busy. Make time for just 10 minutes of work and reap the benefits.

For questions about today’s Trainer Moves, you can connect directly with Meg here.


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