Become the Cambridge Club's Fittest Member of the Year
Katelyn Sander

Become the Cambridge Club's Fittest Member of the Year

Members of the Cambridge Club get ready! It’s time to step up your fitness and join the Club’s first ever Fittest Member of the Year Competition – a great way to challenge your fellow Members and show off your progress this year.

The brain child of Personal Trainer Aziam Howes, the idea for the inaugural Fittest Member Challenge was born after we named this year’s Fittest Member at the Black Tie in November. “This past year we subjectively handed out the award, so I figured this year it would be more fun to have the Members compete for the title. Turning this year’s Fittest Member of the Year award into a competition is the perfect way to spice up Members’ workout routines in the Club. Plus, training with a purpose is one of the best ways to achieve fitness goals – so, in 2020, we’re giving Members a purpose.”

The competition will officially get underway on February 1st, and will consist of 8 exercises in 4 categories: Power, Pressure Performance, Strength, and Cardio. While the start of the competition is a few weeks away, that doesn’t mean you can’t start training now.

Below, we’re outlining the description of the activities that will make up the competition so you can get a head start on your training! If you’d like to complete your initial attempt in February, please sign-up with Aziam today – spots will fill up quickly!


The Power portion of the competition will include the Assault Bike and Shot Put.

For the assault bike, the goal is to spike the wattage on the assault bike as high as possible for a single moment. The Member gets 2 attempts at reaching their maximum wattage.

The shot put, aka the seated power throw test, is part of the US Army Occupational Physical Assessment Test. It will measure your upper body (arm) strength and explosive power. Members will sit on the floor with your legs fully extended, feet 60cm apart, with your back against the wall. After you are situated correctly, you’ll throw the medicine ball as far straight forward as you can, while maintaining contact between your back and the wall. The distance that the ball is thrown will be recorded by the trainer.

Pressure Performance

The Pressure Performance portion of the competition will include an Agility Course and Wall Sit.

The agility course will include a ladder, hurdles, and cones, with Members attempting to make three successful laps through the ladder, over the hurdles, and around the cones. Members are only given one attempt at this timed event.

The wall sit, on the other hand, will have the Member placing an exercise ball on the wall and sitting back against it. While continually maintaining right angles in your knees and hips, the trainer will toss a ball back and forth with you, recording the number of consecutive catches you make while remaining in a seated position. If the Member does not maintain the proper position, the trainer will not throw them the ball.


The Strength portion of the competition will include Strict Chin-ups, Strict Push-ups, and a Farmers Walk. Since these are the most common exercises in the entire competition, standards will be high.

The chin-ups will be completed from neutral grip, with legs straight and feet together. The Member must descend until their arms are straight and must elevate your chin above your hands. An incorrect chin-up will not be counted in your total. The trainer will track and count the number of chin-ups completed by the Member.

For the push-ups, we will place two foam pads under the chest of the Member and hang your feet in the TRX straps. The Member must touch their chest to the foam pads and then push-up and bring your knees to your chest for a single rep. The trainer will track and count the number of successful push-ups completed by the Member.

The final exercise in the Strength portion is the farmers walk, which will see the Member walking from red line to red line, carrying 50lb dumbbells in each hand. The trainer will track the number of times the Member is able to complete the walk from red line to red line.


The Cardio portion of the competition is simple and only includes one activity: a 2000m Row. Members will select 2000m from the standard list in the menu option, with the distance counting down throughout the exercise. The cardio portion will be complete when the distance rowed reaches 0. Members will look to complete this row as quickly as possible, with your total time being tracked by the trainer.

Throughout the year, we’ll be keeping a leader board up-to-date in the Club. We’ll also regularly post updates on our digital screens, highlighting current leaders in specific categories and activities. The overall winner of our Fittest Member of the Year Competition will be named the Club’s Fittest Member during our 2020 Black Tie event! All Members are welcome to participate and Members can complete the 4 portions of the competition as many times as they would like.

BEGINS: Saturday, February 1st


EVERY ADDITIONAL ATTEMPT: Cost of a 30-45minute personal training session

If you want more information about the event or want to work with a trainer to help you improve in these areas – so you can win this year’s Fittest Member – please contact Aziam. We’re already signing up Members for February attempts, contact Aziam to schedule your time.

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