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Summer Trip?

Living Well

Likely not this year. But that doesn’t mean you can skip your week off. In fact, if at all possible, you mustn’t. Summer holidays, like weekends serve a few specific, vital purposes. The wants and needs differ from person to person, but we all benefit from an occasional, healthy dose of a few - or a lot - of the following: Rest, recovery, escape, play, sleep, fiction, family-time, me-time, down time, outdoor time, slower pace, faster pace, different pace, more exercise, sex, less exercise, more beer, no beer, no news… You get the idea. We need a break from work, from school, from routine. The weekends and holidays are the perfect time to change it up. A little or a lot. Play more, laugh more, just be. What are you craving more of? What do you need a break from? What would make you smile, giggle, laugh out loud? Your job today: Plan 4-7 days where you permit yourself and your loved ones to fully immerse in a completely different, seriously enjoyable stretch of time. Come on. It’s actually good for you.

Inspiration of the Day

“Smell the sea and feel the sky. Let your soul and spirit fly.”  - Van Morrison

Classes of the Day

Today we've got a couple of classes on the schedule.

Mobility & Muscle with Matt Z

Matt’s ready to bring you your lunchtime pick-me-up! This class will focus on the shoulder, hip, and ankle, moving you through a full range of motion. There will be additional stability work for the glutes and core included!

Join Matt at 12:00pm (35 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the class.

Meeting ID: 892 2779 8538
Password: 903005

On Core with Garth

Garth’s back with another week of On Core, where you’ll challenge your core and stabilize your trunk in just 30 minutes! You’re encouraged to bring a light/medium dumbbell or weighted object (water bottle, book) with you.

Join Garth at 5:30pm (30 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the class.

Meeting ID: 868 1155 7138
Password: 998132

If you have any questions about our virtual classes, please reach out to Lauren.

Racquet of the Day

Hang in there!

I see it all the time: A player hits a loose shot and gets so frustrated that he forgets he's still in the point. When you hit a less than perfect shot, try to just hang in there under pressure and work your way back into the point. By working hard and keeping the ball in play you can win rallies from positions where you shouldn't, and in doing so plant a seed of doubt in your opponent’s head. This also proves true in doubles squash where you can work together as a team by using defensive tactics such as height and angles to get yourselves back into the point.

For more squash tips and tactics, you can connect directly with Tyler Hamilton, Squash Pro at the Cambridge Club here

Trainer Moves of the Day

If anyone is having an absolute blast at home these days it’s Penny. Grab a pair of socks (the more colourful and crazy, the better!) and check out this fun, funny and effective full body Sock Workout!

Penny’s Pro Tip: “When you get to the part of the exercise where you have to slide between your arms, be sure to stack some books on both sides to elevate your arms. You’ll know what I mean when you get to that part lol!”


For more information about these Trainer Moves, you can connect directly with Penny here.


Do you have a “Something of the Day” you’d like us to share?! Email Meg.

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