Aquatics Coordinator & Swim Coach

Began swimming at the age of four in Edmonton, Alberta. From then on, I knew I had found a passion for swimming and continued my career into University, where I attended NCAA Division 1, The University of Arizona, on a full-ride scholarship.

Prior to that, held multiple individual and relay Canadian age-group national records and represented Team Canada all over the world in international competitions such as the World Cup circuits, World Junior Championships, Pan Pacific Championships, and the Australian Youth Olympic Festival. Competed at Canada Games, where I was a six-time medalist. During my university career, I competed in Olympic Trials, placing top six. I also competed at the NCAA Championships where I earned the title of 4-time All-American.

Developed a passion for coaching from developing and administering the dryland programs for the Olympian Swim Club, as well as working in conjunction with recreational swim programs during University. Love working with all ages and passing on my experiences and knowledge in this sport.

I credit my own vast experiences in this sport and passion to teach as a great way of helping all levels of ability. Whether that be learning the foundational skills, a desire for cross-training, or pursuing greater speed and endurance, my philosophy for getting the full benefits of swimming is by breaking down each component and focusing on the fundamental techniques such as breathing, body position, catch, pull and kick. Swimming is a great way to get a workout in, as it works every single muscle in your body, whilst being easy on the joints. It is beneficial for any age, and I believe should be incorporated into any fitness routine as it can help with cardiovascular health, toning, developing fast twitch muscle fibers, and increasing muscle endurance.

  • Bachelor of Arts, The University of Arizona
  • Certificate of Business, Queen's University Smith School of Business
  • National Lifeguard (NLS), Lifesaving Society
  • Aquatic Emergency Care (AEC), Lifesaving Society
  • Bronze Cross, Lifesaving Society
  • Bronze Medallion, Lifesaving Society
  • Principles of Healthy Child Development (PHCD), HIGH FIVE Parks & Recreation Ontario

"Trust the process." My University Head Coach would always say this during our team meetings, and it has stuck with me. It's not only applicable to sports and fitness training, but every aspect of one's life.


"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen


Everything in moderation is what I like to live by. However, my favourite sweet tooth craving is Tuxedo cake.