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Tyrone Estabrook

MAT™, RTSM MAT Master Specialist
Tyrone Estabrook
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The process of building is Tyrone’s passion. Listening to people’s goals and identifying areas needing improvement are at the core of how he builds an exercise solution.  Tyrone’s ability to listen combined with his skills in muscle testing and exercise prescription are what make him so effective.

Tyrone has worked with the Cambridge Group of Clubs since 1999.  He has completed the mastery designations in Muscle Activation Techniques and Resistance Training Specialist programs.  Tyrone is highly skilled in precision muscle testing and exercise execution.   These are essential skills for working with clients looking to avoid injury while progressing their personal fitness level.

"I am a builder by nature.  I love the process of optimizing what a person has to achieve the best possible result." ~ Tyrone 


“The benefit of MAT, as practiced by Tyrone, is that issues that can  cause real problems are dealt with before they do, allowing you to manage serious workouts without injury. He is careful, and won’t allow a strenuous exercise without that kind of preparation.”
- Lawrence A. Enfield

“I first went to Tyrone for lower back pain that was becoming persistent and debilitating.  I had learned to live with knee pain which, I assumed was the combined result of getting older and too much running. Tyrone explained the theory of MAT and the interrelationship of all parts of the body and therefore the fallacy in separating multiple sites of pain from each other.  Though testing Tyrone was able to identify the source of the muscle imbalances that led to the pain and then treat the imbalances.  The result- significant and lasting pain relief in my back and my knees and generally a feeling of my body being more in sync with itself.”
- Bram Costin, McCarthy-Tetrault

“I was a client and patient of Tyrone’s for roughly 12 years. Over the years we have focused on increasing body and core strength. I am an active golfer, and snowboarder, two sports that do not bode well for someone who suffers from degenerative discs in my lower back.  Tyrone introduced to me the concept of using Muscle Activation Techniques (MAT). Since the introduction of MAT,  the pain and inflammation in my lower back  has subsided by roughly 80%, and my posture has improved dramatically. I can now look forward to enjoying both sports without thinking about the pain that I would have to endure afterwards. It is like I have been re-balanced.”
- Steven Brophy