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Tommy Ho

BASc. Kinesiology, FHP, FMS-YBT, PTS
Tommy Ho
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Growing up, Tommy was always an active child but suffered weight and self-image issues. This problem escalated when he was in his late teens, gaining nearly 20lbs of fat even though he religiously went to the gym every day.

His love of the gym extended into his studies and went on to complete his Bachelor of Applied Science in Kinesiology and a Fitness and Health Promotion diploma.  Tommy was the top of his class, achieving distinction and granting him scholarships. During his studies his favorite courses seemed to share a similar theme: the effects of exercise, metabolism and hormonal regulation.  He applied all of his knowledge to his own fitness regime and saw phenomenal results. 

After his formal education was complete, he knew his passion was to help and inspire others to achieve their goals; this lead him to a career in fitness.  When you embark on a training journey with Tommy, you understand his focus is on training technique and mastery of basic movements such as squatting, hip hinging, pushing and pulling. From this, he progresses you to more complex movements incorporating all you have learned.  Layered into his training, he shared his knowledge of biomechanics, exercise nutrition and human physiology to maximize muscle growth and fat loss.  


Honours Bachelor Applied Science in Kinesiology

Fitness and Health Promotion Diploma

Humber Advanced Leadership Skills and Development Certification

Kinesiology Therapeutic Exercise Certification

Canfit Pro Fitness Specialist

NSCA Certified Special Population Specialist (In Progress)


"As cheesy as it sounds, meeting Tommy has been somewhat life changing. Before joining TAC, I was very out of shape and my lifestyle was almost completely sedentary. Tommy has helped me not only achieve, but actually surpass, my weight loss and fitness goals. More importantly, I’ve learned that with small everyday changes to diet and exercise you can fundamentally change your lifestyle and health for the better. The gym was a very foreign environment for me prior to joining the TAC, and I really disliked workout out. Tommy has helped me build my knowledge and confidence in the gym and I know (shockingly) look forward to my time here. He will push you to your limit but will also ensure that you’re performing the exercises safely and properly, and will teach you the basic techniques so that you can perform them on your own. He is an awesome trainer and now also a good friend. You couldn’t find a happier client!"
- Julia

"I'm an active person who's never had a problem with motivation but always did classes because I never thought I would enjoy weight training and never took much interest in understanding my muscles. Tommy is extremely knowledgeable in addition to motivating. He explains what muscle each exercise is targeting, ensures I'm working the right ones and quickly adjusts in the event I'm not. He pushes and encourages with perfect balance. I'm stronger, leaner and more toned than any class has ever gotten me."
- Brittany Mckenzie

"‘Training that allows you to hit your goals in a busy lifestyle’  I have been training with Tommy for the last 15 months now. I wasn’t out of shape when I started, nor did I need motivation to attend the gym regularly - I did however feel that I had hit a wall with my own training routines. Tommy develops a varied and stimulating course of exercise which I have loved taking part in. The most encouraging thing for me is that I’ve been able to break through my own training goals without having to alter what I eat and drink – something that is hard to do in my busy corporate life. I have gone from 11.5% to 8.4% body fat with noticeable muscle mass increase – all of this and Tommy still reminds me daily that I drink too much! Tommy is great fun to work with and has a fantastic anatomical knowledge to help perfect technique which I realize is so important the older I get!"  
- Harry Clapham