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Rob Coates

Performance and Lifestyle Coach GBC - FLMP, HLC Level 1, MAT - JST
Rob Coates
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Most people that gravitate to working in the fitness industry because they have a natural inclination towards exercise and their bodies respond to it naturally and effectively.

That's not me.

I finished high school and the opportunities to play organized sports dwindled. I started resistance training as a means of exercising and to gain strength and muscle. The problem was my body responded slowly and I was prone to injuries.  I enrolled at George Brown College and completed the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program in 2002 and started my career as a fitness professional. That provided me with a firm base in anatomy and kinesiology and allowed to start figuring out how to get my body to respond the way I saw others respond. That pursuit has made me a better trainer because I can identify with people who exercise and training isn't a natural inclination.

I specialize in high leverage training. Whether it's injury post-rehabilitation, management or prevention - my experience with my own training and injuries has allowed me to learn the physiology, psychology and process of bringing someone back to full function. Additionally, I've had tremendous success working with Bay St. professionals to accomplish strength and conditioning goals with a sports focus or improving body composition.


George Brown College - FLMP

Muscle Activation Technique - JST

Kinetic Advantage - Level 1 Intern