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O’Neil Barr

CPTN, MES, RTS 123, CFC Personal Trainer & Nutrition Consultant
O’Neil Barr
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O’Neil has always had health and wellness as a main focus throughout his life.  He does this by implementing into his life as well as assisting his clients to be stronger and feel better while gaining a better understanding of their health and well-being.

O’Neil’s love of the human body and movement has always been an asset in understanding and desiring to learn more about the human form and function. Through his 20+ years in this field, O’Neil’s has and continues to share a mutual commitment to reaching his clients goals. When working with O’Neil, your sessions are filled with laughter, conversation and intensely focused butt kicking with strict form!

When you meet O’Neil, don’t let his body building physique fool you, he has many dimensions within that body!  He specializes in weight loss, strength conditioning and guidance and is a great source of knowledge for mobility as he can still do the splits!  O’Neil has a wonderful way with his clients, ensure they feel comfortable and cared for while getting the most out of every rep. 

In addition to his passion for fitness, O’Neil has also been part of his choir for over 20 years!  He is devoted to all of his crafts and is a great addition to anyone’s fitness routine

Education & Certifications

MPC, Metabolic Precision

MES, Medical Exercise Specialist

CPTN, Canadian Personal Trainers Network

RTS 123, Resistance Training Specialist


“O’Neil has an intuitive understanding of how the body functions that has helped me change the way I do things. This, together with careful training, has led to improvements in strength and flexibility that have made my life better.”

“O’Neil is an extremely knowledgeable and dedicated trainer who gets the best out of his clients.  If you are coming to the gym to socialize, then pick someone else, but if you are looking for serious and informed assistance towards your goals then O’Neil is for you. Both my wife and I have trained under O’Neil for many years and have been highly satisfied with his guidance, persistence and insight.”