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Mike Savage

CSCS, MES, RTS 123, FMS Personal Trainer & Fitness Nutrition Specialist
Mike Savage
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Meet Mike Savage, footy fanatic and all-round fitness & performance enthusiast. 

Mike was born in the UK.  He kick-started his career playing soccer for Leicester City Football Club’s Youth Academy.  Later, he decided to devote his leadership qualities and passion to help others achieve their goals within the fitness and athletic industry.

He graduated from Loughborough College (a leading sports institute in the UK) in Sports & Exercise Sciences, before continuing his education at the same institute to gain a Personal Training qualification.

In 2007, Mike relocated to Toronto.  Since then he has worked as a Personal Trainer/Fitness Coach.  Mike has attained many recognized certifications within the industry.  His areas of expertise include fitness & sports performance, weight-loss and lean tissue development, kettle-bell power training, and so much more.  He continues to see his clients flourish and reach incredible goals and accomplishments through his guidance and support.

In 2011, Mike along with two of his clients travelled to Virginia Beach – USA to complete the Navy Seal 24-hour challenge.  In 2012, Mike was awarded MVP for the Elite Ontario Soccer League whilst playing soccer for Ulster Thistle Football Club.

Since June 2016 he has been working with numerous Canadian squash professionals to develop their off-court strength, speed, and power.  Amongst the young professionals that Mike works with is 2017 National Canadian champion ‘Nick Sachvie’.

Certifications & Education

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist (CSCS)

Performance Specialist (EXOS – formerly Athletes Performance)

Advanced Kettlebell Training (DTS)

Functional Movement Screen (FMS)

Fitness Nutrition Specialist (ISSA)

Resistance Training Specialist (RTS 1-2-3)

Medical Exercise Specialist (MES)


"I have worked with Mike for several years now. Over that time my sessions have changed from supplementing my squash (and other sports) fitness to enabling improved recovery and maintenance for a series of “possibly age related” wear and tear challenges (hips & shoulders). Mike has been very attentive to adjusting my sessions through this multi-year journey to improve mobility, strength and quality of life. He is knowledgeable, prepared and focused and delivers each session in an attentive but fun manner."
- Roy Fraser

“As a client in his sixties, my primary motivation for having strength training sessions with Mike is to promote my general health and fitness. My regular strength & stability program with Mike helps me to maintain an active lifestyle which includes hiking, skiing and travel to challenging places.  Mike is very knowledgeable and focuses on the most effective exercise techniques, while at the same time modifying any movements to work within my capabilities. I am delighted to have Mike as my personal trainer.”
- Colin Lipson

“Mike is extremely professional. He runs the group and individual sessions with us squash professionals with ease and he is very organized and creative in his approach to our improvement. I have been working with him on increasing my power and speed and have felt the results from our hard work translate onto the court. I feel lighter and faster, and more in control of my body. My goal is to work my way up the world rankings, picking off one player at a time by being able to keep a higher pace for longer than anyone else. I'm happy to be working with Mike to get there. I value his innovative approach to the exercises we do, his attitude, and his personal experience as a high-performance athlete. 
- Sam Cornett, Squash Professional

“With the arrival of my 50’s, it was time to take a serious rethink about my level of fitness and my overall appearance. Working hard at my desk for all these years had taken a serious toll on my posture. Rushing around after work to take my kids to basketball, baseball, and hockey meant lots of meals (mostly unhealthy ones) on the run. This had left me about 50 lbs from where I should be. Still feeling too young to be hunched over and feeling sluggish, I decided a change was in order. I was at a loss as to where to start. That’s when I met Mike.  Right from the start our conversation focused on my goals. Not just working out, but when, what, and how I was fueling my body. I quickly found out that starving myself with too few calories and not enough protein was not going too work. Mike’s approach to coaching, both nutritionally, and in the gym left me feeling inspired to make the right choices. Mike never fails to ask me about my daily nutrition before my workouts. I’ve been faithfully working out with Mike for about 10 months now and the changes are pretty dramatic. While not quite at the 50 lbs weight loss mark yet, my lean muscle mass has increased significantly, and even better than that, my body fat is down over 10%! Mike is a true professional. He’s never afraid to call me out on bad form and helps me to focus on doing the exercises correctly for maximum effect. He has a very friendly and open coaching style that never makes me feel overwhelmed. Our sessions are varied and always progressive. This has really helped to keep me interested and focused. While my journey will continue for some time yet, I just wanted to say “thanks Mike!” for helping to keep me inspired.”
- Denis O’Donoghue

“I started working with Mike in September of 2017 hoping to increase my strength, endurance, and speed on the squash court and ultimately get my ranking of 53 in the world closer to number 1.  May of 2017 was the start of my off-season so I had lots of time to focus on my fitness with Mike.  I started training consistently for the summer months doing very squash specific work at least twice a week.  When my season started in September I was playing the best squash I have ever played and I felt great on court.  I beat girls ranked in the top 30 and 40 in the world, made it to the semis of a tournament I was seeded to lose first round in, qualified for my first ever $50,000 event, won my first ever pro event, became PSA player of the month for December of 2017, and won my first professional doubles event.  Best start to the season I could have asked for!  Mike has pushed me to achieve my goals and inspires me to be a better athlete.  His workouts are always tough yet motivating.  Seeing how passionate he is about helping all of his clients gives me full confidence that he truly cares about my goals and whether I succeed or not.  I am and continue to be very impressed by Mike’s knowledge and willingness to adapt to his clients needs.  Without his dedication and motivating personality I would not be where I am today.  I plan on working with Mike for the rest of my squash career and can’t thank him enough for his ongoing support!  I give him the highest recommendations!"
- Nikki Todd, Squash Professional