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David McCarroll

RTS123, PICP 1, DTS 1 Personal Trainer
David McCarroll
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David can proudly say that by implementing sound eating and training protocols, he moved from 230lbs at 34% body fat, to a lean 160lbs at 6.5% body fat. In addition to this, he successfully rehabbed and trained through various injuries/surgeries, which has allowed him to understand others from both a physical and mental state, he’s equipped to assist them to move beyond setbacks and challenges.

David loves his profession and what excites him the most is the opportunity to help people make positive changes in their lives. To that, when he sees his clients that commit to the training process -which calls for patience and perseverance – see their goals achieved in a safe and effective manner David is beyond proud.  He is a firm believer that ‘consistency is the key to success’ and his clients understand this and see great results because of it.  

Through David’s career at the TAC, he has specialized in creating challenging programs that have a heavy emphasis on augmenting the body (decrease body fat with an increase in muscle mass). He achieves this thorough manipulating the program based on one’s training history.  If you’re looking for a challenging and stimulating program, Dave is your guy!