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Carol-Ann Cook

CEP CSEP Personal Trainer & Certified Exercise Physiologist
Carol-Ann Cook
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Carol-Ann has always worked to stay fit; through sport when she was younger and now by biking, weight training, indoor climbing and hiking.  She gravitates to her passion of helping clients to reduce pain, increase mobility and strengthen their bodies through exercise.  Her goals it to ensure everyday activities are done with ease and she always ensure you work hard yet have fun!

Carol-Ann has vast experience with hip and knee replacement as well as working with the ageing population.  She embodies her motto of laugh often and feed your body well, and definitely inspires her clients to do the same!


Carol-Ann began her career in fitness at George Brown college and graduated from the Fitness and Lifestyle management program.  She quickly became a Certified Exercise Physiologist Canadian Society of Exercise physiology and has continued to take courses, stay up to date on the current research and has countless certifications.  She is truly an example of when you take care of your body, through nourishing it with the right fuel and incorporating movement and resistance training you can take on anything! 


“Carol-Ann is a passionate, professional and caring trainer. My sessions are individualized and targeted to accommodate my needs which is crucial as I have a serious back issue. She is focused on client health-not just the hour you are there with her, but a holistic, overall interest in your well-being. Carol-Ann is dedicated to her clients I very much appreciate her dedication and have benefited significantly from her training.”
- Morag MacGougan

“I had the pleasure of working with Carol-Ann Cook, who was my personal trainer, for five and one-half years following knee-replacement surgery and subsequently hip replacement surgery. My recovery has been virtually complete to the extent that I can now walk the golf course normally and pain free.  Carol-Ann is very intuitive and understands that we all have limits which we can’t exceed. She is fun to work with and has an infectious laugh. She is a very experienced senior trainer who is always thinking of her client’s needs.  I recommend Carol-Ann to anyone who needs a personal trainer but also to any organization which may be interested in employing her.”
​- Douglas Davis