April Fool's Day Feels Different this Year...
Katelyn Sander

April Fool's Day Feels Different this Year...

"Soup of the Day"...just got Serious!

It's HUMP day... April Fool's Day... Definitely a day to have a bit of fun!

Workout of the Day

When workouts and home schooling collide?!?

Candice Lewis - Personal Trainer at the Adelaide Club - created this really fun (and effective!) workout. She test drove it with her daughter Veronica using both of their names. The varations are endless!

The rules are simple: Spell out the letters of your name. Each letter corresponds to the activity listed below. And, really, you could spell out anything! Make a grab bag full of words... roll a dice... and the number on the dice determines how many words you have to "spell"?!?

A - 20 Hip Thrusters
B - 1 minute Front Plank
C - 30 second Side Plank
D - 25 Squats
E - 15 Split Squats
F - 15 Push-ups
G - 20 Pull Aparts OR Prone Back Flye
H - 30 Mountain Climbers
I - 20 side to side Lunges
J - 20 Hip Thrusters
K - 1 minute Front Plank
L - 30 second Side Plank
M - 25 Squats
N - 15 Split Squats
O - 15 Push-ups
P - 20 Pull Aparts OR Prone Back Flye
Q - 30 Mountain Climbers
R - 20 side to side Lunges
S - 20 Hip Thrusters
T - 1 minute Front Plank
U - 30 second Side Plank
V - 25 Squats
W - 15 Split Squats
X - 15 Push-ups
Y - 20 Pull Aparts OR Prone Back Flye
Z - 30 Mountain Climbers



I spelt "MEG".

Bite of the Day

I am LOVING oven roasted vegetables these days. Over the weekend I made a simple leek risotto and then folded in oven pan roasted Spanish onions and brussels sprouts with a generous sprinkle of fresh parmesan cheese and black pepper. So yummy.

The recipe below uses oven roasted broccoli and features a delicious vegan pesto. As with all of Dana's recipes, this is also simple and easy to make.

Get your Roasted Broccoli Pasta Salad with Hemp Pesto recipe here.  

Idea of the Day

Share your food.

I made a huge pot of spaghetti sauce last night. As I often do, I throw in all kinds of vegetavles - broccoli stalks, spinach, half a grated sweet potato - whatever extra bits I have in the fridge. (Side note for people feeding little, picky mouths: I put aside some of hte sauce and puree it for the boys. They know I put vegetables in... they just don't like to "see" them.)

I made an extra bit pot last night so I would have enough to bring 4 servings down the street: One of our neighbours is a couple who are both nurses. They are grateful to have a nutritious home cooked meal saved in their freezer in case their work lives get even more chaotic than they are now.

If you have an easy, creative way of helping feed someone in your circle who could use a hand, please let me know!


Do you have a "Something of the Day" you'd like us to share?! Email Meg.

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