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Shara Brown

Yoga Instructor
Shara Brown
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Born and raised in Toronto, Shara has always had a love for all physical activity.  In her earlier years she was drawn to anything from dance and gymnastics to skiing/snowboarding and rock climbing. So it comes as no surprise that she made a career for herself in the health and wellness industry. 

Shara discovered yoga while studying at Dalhousie University.  It was no particular style that initially attracted her but rather the escape and calmness from daily life that kept her coming back.  Dabbling in hot yoga, vinyasa flow and yin/restorative classes she eventually gravitated towards the Ashtanga world dedicating years of study this tradition and its methods.  Returning to Toronto, she studied under the guidance of multiple teachers and in 2012 made her first, of many, visit to Mysore, India. 

Shara currently teaches Ashtanga and Vinyasa classes in Toronto and loves every opportunity she has to share her knowledge and experience with her students.  New to yoga or not, Shara loves working with all levels giving great attention to alignment. But most of all she strives to make the sessions fun and accessible yet challenging!


Certifications & Education 

Ashtanga Yoga Intensive Training

KPJ Ashtanga Yoga Institute

Dalhousie University- International Development and Environmental Studies

Seneca College- Environmental Business



"I have just started yoga (at TAC and in general) and have found it to be a very rewarding experience and very different than my preconceived notions. Shara has been a huge part of my introduction to yoga and a big reason why I have kept doing it. She is incredibly patient and supportive, and knows how to challenge and push you while adapting to your skill level and physical ability. I would recommend to Shara to anybody, particularly to anyone starting out!"


"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Shara.  I get a huge amount out of our private sessions – she challenges me but also has great attention to detail with my postures.  I feel stronger already!"


"‪Shara introduced me to yoga - it was done in a very relaxing but also enjoyable and technical way with a concentration on breathing, balance and stretching I really enjoy learning yoga with Shara."