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Josie Smith

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Josie Smith
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Living in alignment has been a passion for Josie since she can remember.  Finding yoga in her early 20’s was the discipline she was looking for to stay in integrity and live heart first.  Honing her inner compass through the practice has led Josie into a life experience grounded in her principle of personal freedom: feeling at peace.

For 14 years Josie has been teaching private yoga, running her Coaching and Consulting Company, Soul Leap, as well as engaging audiences locally and internationally on her sought after retreats. 

At the core of Josie’s teaching is her intuition and keen insight into blocks: physical, mental or emotional.  Through the application of co-active conversations, asana (postures), mindfulness, hands on adjustments, restorative propped poses, facilitated stretching and breath work she addresses the specific needs of her clients.  A true professional, Josie will help you receive and surrender bringing your mind, body and soul into harmony.


Certifications & Education 

ATTC Yoga Master - India 2009

CPCC - Certified Professional Co-active Coach – Toronto 2011

TTC Yoga Teacher - California 2004

Restorative Teacher Certification - Toronto 2010

B.A. English - Western University – 2001



"Josie's work is not a job but a calling.  She is not only skilled and gifted but intuits what you need and delivers in spades.  I cannot imagine anyone working in this space at a higher level."
- Anonymous