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Maria Makris

Certified Pilates Instructor, Thai Yoga Massage Therapist & Fascial Stretch Therapist
Maria Makris
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My enthusiastic passion is helping people to get and stay strong. My introduction to Pilates was while living in Greece 15 years ago. Ever since, I have studied, practiced and taught this very creative and unique form of exercise. Actively followed by enthusiasts all over the world, it is very effective and adaptive. Joseph Pilates, its founder, noted that, “it is not just about great posture and a rock-hard core, it is more than just physical exercise, and can radically enhance mental and emotional well-being”. I am a Certified Pilates Instructor and a sociology graduate of the University of Ottawa. I am also a Fascial Stretch Therapist (FST)- a full body stretch therapy that improves mobility of the nerves and flexibility of muscles and fascia. Performed on a stretch table in the Pilates Studio, I will designed a customized, combined workout/stretch program best suited for your overall fitness goals


Certifications & Education

Bachelor of Social Sciences- University of Ottawa

Full Comprehensive Pilates Certification- STOTT Pilates

Fascial Stretch Therapist- Stretch to Win

Exercise Technique Strength Training Specialist –SPI



“Maria is outstanding! She has been my Pilates instructor at TAC for more than three years. In our enjoyable — and always challenging — twice-weekly sessions, Maria has helped me remarkably and progressively develop and improve my strength, flexibility and balance. Maria is excellent at varying and enhancing the sessions to keep them comprehensive and unique. She is also very dynamic and is a real pleasure to train with. I highly recommend Maria to anyone who is motivated to significantly improve their overall fitness level.”
- John D


“Maria brings knowledge, enthusiasm and sensitivity to her role as Pilates instructor.   She takes the time to discuss what we are doing and why it is beneficial. She encourages me to let her know what effect I am experiencing with exercises so she can find the right level where I am challenged but not over-stressed. This is particularly important since I had a shoulder replacement operation.  I enjoy learning from her.“
- Paul P

“Maria is great at tailoring the sessions to suit my needs and goals, and challenges me and encourages me.  And I love her warmth, her energy and enthusiasm, and her serious commitment to making sure that her clients stay strong, mobile and pain-free.  I feel lucky to have the benefit of her training, her experience and her warmth and passion, and to have great fun doing it as well.”
- Silvana D