Personal Trainer

Throughout Warren’s life, he participated in various sports: track & field, hockey, basketball, and football. His involvement in athletes wasn’t just for fun…he wanted to be the absolute best. Years of intense commitment, dedication, and elite coaching helped develop the kickass mentality he possesses and use to push clients to reach their peak potential.

Warren started his love for training at Acadia University as part of the SMILE program (Sensory Motor Instructor Leadership Education – educating mentally and physically challenged children). Combining a relentless thirst for challenges, a competitive background in sport and the disciplinary experience of being a member of the Canadian Armed Forces…personal training was his fate!

Warren takes pride in being known as the “Drill Sargent, Ball Buster” and sometimes just “Mean!” If you’re looking to make a difference and want to reach your fitness goals, you will want to meet him soon for your first training consultation.

  • Bachelors of Physical Education, Kinesiology & major in Exercise Physiology, Acadia University
  • Physical Education - Individuals with Special Needs
  • Twist Conditioning Sport Specialist
  • International Sports Science Association (ISSA)
  • Soccer Fitness Trainer, National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA)
  • Schwinn Spin Certification
  • Keizer Power Pacing Cycling Certification
  • Personal Training Specialist, CanFitPro

“Warren Scott is a trainer who thinks outside the box. He creates specialized programs that get me ready for outdoor adventures, like mountain climbing. And, along the way, he helped me drop thirty pounds too. Warren’s workouts can be real killers. Some days I think that I must be nuts to train with him. But I keep coming back every week now for four years.” – Larry C.

“I have been working with Warren for over 10 years now and I am extremely happy with the vast knowledge and experience in the training methods he incorporates into my workouts. Warren’s workouts are never the same! He takes the time to really customize the workouts to whatever I’m training for – be it a marathon, Ironman triathlon, or just to lose weight. Over the years, Warren ahs helped me tremendously with my fitness and strength to rehab a rotator cuff injury. Warren’s positive approach to training has been nothing short of awesome for me.” – Kate L.

“Warren designed both keel boat racing and skill sailing sports specific programs for me. The programs combine conditioning, agility, balance, and flexibility. When I sail at winter regattas, the ongoing training allows me to step on the boat in the same shape as at the end of the summer. Warren very quickly understands what the sport requires and designs fun and interesting exercises which directly improve my performance.” – Christina M.