Personal Trainer

Marlin’s journey into fitness began at the age of 10 with gymnastics. Soon after, she found herself struggling with postural challenges that led her curiosity down the path of movement and later an interest in body mechanics. Her father’s resounding words, “without your health, you have nothing,” was the inspiration she needed to further her studies. In her younger years, while developing her own health practices, she coached family and friends to adopt healthy lifestyle habits. Marlin’s main focus continues in helping individuals develop strong, agile, and fluid bodies for ease of movement and healthy aging.

Marlin’s strengths as a trainer lie in injury prevention, rehabilitation, and postural retraining, functional movement screening, cardiovascular and core endurance assessment, motivational strategies, habitual coaching, as well as inspiring holistic living.

“It would be my sincere honour to meet your health and fitness objectives by helping you uncover and realize your best health potential.” – Marlin

  • Fitness & Health Promotion, Humber College
  • Fitness Consultant, Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
  • Functional Movement Screen (FMS)
  • Post Rehabilitation Training, Canadian Personal Trainers Network (CPTN)
  • Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
  • Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart (MAT)
  • HeartWise & Cancer Training, CSEP
  • Expanded Scope of Practice, certified to work with all ages, CSEP
  • East Asian Studies in Movement, Stretch, & Healing Touch

"Mens Sana in Corpore Sano" - Juvenal


“My health and fitness have improved considerably as a result of Marlin’s training for over 10 years. She is a first-class professional who combines impressive knowledge and skills with understanding, insight, and humour.” – Jeff Cowan

“I’ve been training with Marlin for over 10 years now – which speaks for itself! She is always full of energy and enthusiasm – which is catchy! She plans our sessions and is cognizant of any physical issues I have. I probably wouldn’t come to the gym more than once a month without her.” – Rachel Blumenfeld

“Following a TAC fitness assessment that identified my strength, mobility, and flexibility issues, I began training with Marlin over 6 years ago. Marlin works collaboratively with me on a weekly basis to create training sessions with measurable goals that effectively address my issues. I especially like Marlin’s approach of continual feedback and tweaking of my program, while always being mindful of how my body is feeling that day. I highly recommend Marlin to anyone who needs a knowledgeable trainer who uses an effective, collaborative and fun approach to training.” – Joe R.

“An excellent personal trainer; encouraging and pushes my limits in a caring manner. Marlin’s exercises, programming, and approach to fitness are unique and innovative. She makes my sessions a real joy.” – Atina O., 12 year client