TRX & Sport Conditioning Specialist

Barclay has been blessed to work in the fitness industry for over 25 years. Through this time, Barclay has developed a great understanding of the value of movement and balance in life activities. He works with his clients to help increase their strength, range of motion, and overall athletic abilities to respond to both sports and the function of everyday active living. His experience includes coaching and inspiring kids, adults, seniors, athletes, weekend warriors, and people just wanting to improve their quality of life.

A diverse cross section of experiences, courses, and qualifications, in fitness, sports, coaching, and massage techniques, has allowed Barclay to help his clients with their physical health.

If you are looking to add new ways to improve your strength and how your body moves in sport and in life, then Barclay’s unique style of training may be a good fit for you. Understanding the movement of sport and applying them to real life using conventional and unconventional tools in and around the gym, with an extra specialty in the TRX, Barclay’s workouts are certainly never boring and never disappoint.

  • Sport Conditioning Specialist - Twist Conditioning
  • TRX Specialist

It's a people business, care about the people first.


"Run to the Hills" - Iron Maiden


I don't believe in a strict diet, so I don't really have a cheat meal.


“I have been a client of Barclay on a one-to-one basis for approximately five years and was an enthusiastic participant in his group TRX classes as well. The best way to describe my experience with him as a trainer is that he “gets me.” To his expert understanding of physiology and the mechanics of exercise, Barclay adds an insight into my psychology and emotions, enabling him to motivate and inspire me to go far beyond what I could have hoped or striven to achieve. When I receive positive feedback from others on my conditioning and fitness, I always respond with the words “Body by Barclay!” For that, and for the inner strength and confidence I gain from his guidance, I can only say “Thank you.””

“Barclay brings an enthusiastic attitude no matter how early we start our workouts. No workout is ever the same, but the challenge is constant, as are the improvements in my fitness level.”

“Unparalleled customer service. Thoughtful and varied workout routines that challenge the client and help them achieve their fitness goals. Excellent in positive reinforcement for clients.”

“I have been a member at the Toronto Athletic Club for over 11 years. I used to work with another trainer but always saw Barclay pushing his clients, coming up with creative – some would even say crazy exercises and explaining to his clients what he was hoping to accomplish with the exercise. When my trainer left the TAC, there was never a question that I wanted to switch to Barclay! Barclay has incredible knowledge in the field of exercise and knows how to push your limits. If you are lucky enough to be able to have him fit you into his schedule, I would jump at the opportunity.”