Personal Trainer & OWA Instructor

The Ancient Greeks believed that no individual should be an amateur in matters of mental or physical abilities, and Ali was lucky to be born into a family that valued both. From grade school through university, Ali was involved in every sport he could find, whether or not he was good at it. In 2007, he received his Masters in Philosophy from the University of Windsor. After a short career in Academic, he attended Humber College for his diploma in Health and Fitness Promotion.

Focusing primarily on strength training and conditioning, Ali has found tremendous satisfaction in helping clients not only to achieve their goals, but to also go beyond them. Strength training is for everyone and Ali treats each case as a unique road trip in which the client is in the driver seat and he is right beside them holding the map and giving them the best directions towards their destination. He empowers his clients to treat the trip as a journey to becoming the best version of themselves.

Ali specializes in strength training and conditioning for all ages, Olympic weightlifting, powerlifting, and proper resistance training. His approach emphasizes the similarities and differences between how each body moves, and what a proper muscle contraction should feel like, in order to achieve results safely and quickly.

  • Health and Fitness Program, Humber College
  • Certified Personal Trainer (CPT), Canadian Society of Exercise Physiology (CSEP)
  • Ontario Weightlifting Association (OWA) Trainer
  • Personal Training Specialist, EXOS
  • Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)
  • Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart (MAT)

You're not here to move weights, you're here to contract muscles.


"To Live is to Die" - Metallica


I don't believe in cheat meals. Instead of demonizing food, work on building a positive relationship with it.


“Working with Ali has fundamentally changed both my physical wellbeing and my mental preparation and attitude towards lifting. With Ali, the focus on the mind-body connection is fundamental and his vast knowledge of the physical mechanics, combined with the underlying psychology of weightlifting, helped me drop nearly 10lbs. in weight while gaining 5 lbs. in muscle mass and shedding 5% body fat in the last six months! Thanks Ali!”

“Ali is an excellent trainer, and I highly recommend him for a number of reasons. First, he is technically very detailed. He explains and carefully monitors your execution of each exercise, so that you realize maximum benefit of each motion without risking injury. Second, he is a coach – meaning that he knows how to motivate you to put in your best effort in every workout. Finally, he is a very programmatic; he is well-prepared with training plans, incorporating varied drills and routines to ensure you progress to your fitness goals. Plus, Ali is a genuinely nice person to spend time with!”