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Lauren Fernandes

Director of Personal Training, Group Fitness and Aquatics, RTS Personal Trainer and Lifestyle Coach, Pre and Post Natal Specialist
Lauren Fernandes
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Raised in the Caribbean during her formative years where academics was the main focus in school, Lauren was lucky to be exposed to many physical activities.  For her, the community feel, the endorphins post exercise and feeling strong and healthy was enough to keep her coming back for more. 

As a young adult, she became fascinated with the body, how it worked and how nutrition affected it.  She knew that she had to be educated in the field, so that she could help others to be their best self both physically and mentally- and that would be fulfilling for her.

As her lifestyle has changed over the years with two young kids, her own workouts have evolved from “long and lovely” to “quick and dirty” often involving kids on the weekends.  She loves taking classes and letting other talented fitness professionals lead. She is able to push herself in different ways while learning new approaches to fitness.

Specializes / Best Applied For

Lifestyle Coaching

Pre and Post Natal

Efficient & Effective weight loss strategies

Certifications & Education

Humber College - Fitness & Health Promotion Program

Resistance Training Specialist (RTS)

Muscle Activation Technique Jumpstart (MAT)

Medical Exercise Specialist

Pre and Post Natal Fitness Specialist

Precision Nutrition

EXOS-Personal Training Specialist


"Lauren is the reason that I am back at the gym.  In my late 60’s I had started to lose interest in exercising and needed somebody with a different approach to reignite my interest. When I met Lauren I knew she was the right trainer for me. She encouraged me to keep working, and developed a programme that was not only challenging but brought ‘fun’ back into the sessions.  Excellent trainers have to be more than people who lead you through your workout, they also have to have empathy. Lauren makes sure that she understands her clients and their needs and this is reflected in the programmes she creates.  Also very importantly…..she has a wonderful sense of humour. Now that makes a workout a very enjoyable experience!  Lauren has changed my approach to exercise. My workouts have gone from being routine to being a highlight of my week."
- Maurice G.

"I have worked with Lauren for over 10 years. She is truly an excellent personal trainer. She is skilled, thoughtful and a pleasure to work with. She knows just how and when to encourage me and when to push me to the next level. My highest recommendations.”
- Jennifer H.

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